Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Virginia Fixing Mental Health Data for NICs

Yeah, the MSM reports is as a "loop-hole" though the inconsistency of the reporting still exists for many states. At first glance this seems a reasonable action.
Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia closed a loophole Monday in the state’s gun laws that allowed a mentally disturbed Virginia Tech student to buy the guns used in a shooting rampage that left 33 dead at the university on April 16.

The governor issued an executive order intended to prohibit the sale of guns to anyone found to be dangerous and forced to undergo involuntary mental health treatment. Under the order, their names would be included a database of people banned from buying guns.

In December 2005, a Virginia judge directed Seung-Hui Cho, the gunman in the massacre, to undergo outpatient treatment. But because Mr. Cho was treated as an outpatient, Virginia did not send his name to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Only 22 states submit any mental health records to the federal database. Federal gun laws depend on the states for enforcement, and the failure of Virginia to flag Mr. Cho has raised growing questions about the adequacy of background checks to scrutinize potential gun buyers.

The governor said the database “should include any determination that someone is mentally ill and so dangerous to himself or others as to warrant involuntary treatment.”
Of course, this still leaves out the voluntary, but dangerous mental health treatment. I'm thinking that is pretty rare, but not impossible.

I wonder if there is any information of relapses for those who have been institutionalized and then "cured." I'm thinking that there isn't much. And anyone who takes medication for their problems should remain on the no buy list.

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