Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pelosi Experiencing Climate Change

You'd think that seeing Global Warming evidence in Greenland would be viewed as a good thing. I'm betting the natives aren't sad about it.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday she led a congressional delegation to Greenland, where lawmakers saw "firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality," and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue.
President Bush rejected that accord, saying it would harm the U.S. economy and unfair excludes developing countries like China and India from its obligations. Pelosi, who strongly disagrees with that decision and many other of Bush's environmental policies, said Friday she said she wants to work with the administration rather than provoke it.

Pelosi said she hoped Bush would be open to considering a "different way" in the future.
Technically Bush has never received the Kyoto treaty, because it is required to go through the Senate for ratification. That didn't happen under Bush, nor did it happen under Clinton. I also don't see any move from the now democrat controlled Senate making any motion toward that end. Seeing that they are so busy making no confidence votes on the attorney general and trying to figure ways of scuttling the Iraq stabilization without having to take any responsibility, it's really no wonder.

But of course, it is all Bush's fault. Couldn't be that the Kyoto Protocol is a farce. It is just reasonable to expect the major economies of the world to take draconian measures to reduce greenhouse gases while making no little effort to ensure lesser economies make some move to be efficient as they are coming up. Nice try. But if you can't get the major economic powers to play through self-interest, then the plan isn't going to work.

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