Thursday, May 24, 2007

Amnesty International Poll - What?

I found this linked on Drudge. I have to say, I didn't expect this level of rubbish out of them.

The poll allows you to vote for Who's got the worst human rights record. The choices are Hobgoblin, Darth Vader or Dick Cheney. Interesting that they couldn't actually put other people that could be argued as human rights violators. They chose fictional characters. Who runs this site, a ten year old?

Here are the results:
Poll results:

40% Darth Vader
42% The Hobgoblin
19% Dick Cheney
That is funny if they are a real tally of how people have been voting.
All joking aside, the U.S. government, once perceived as a beacon of hope and justice, no longer leads the world on human rights.

The continuing allegations of U.S. torture, use of secret prisons, ghost detainees, and indefinite and unconstitutional detention at Guantanamo calls into question the U.S. commitment to fight torture and adhere to international law. The U.S. now lacks the credibility needed to improve human rights abroad.

By violating some international laws, the United States undermines all international law and promotes the idea to other countries that some laws are acceptable to ignore in the pursuit of "security."

Fascinating. The US lacks credibility, but then so does AI. The US is far far from even the middle of the pack of human rights violators, but AI has to take extra time and effort to condemn what they believe are human rights violations. And the use of GITMO as an example proves that they haven't any credibility. I suppose that they view all the detainees as simple farmers who the evil US snatched up and tortured for the fun of it rather than the the monsters that the US took out of circulation.

I know lets give a GITMO detainee as a live in guest in the AI staff's homes for a month and then check the body count to see if they have a change of opinion.

They are also on the meme of the War on Terror is BAD. I wonder if they are writing for the Edwards campaign?
Fears stoked by the post-9/11 "war on terror" are increasingly dividing the world, Amnesty International said Wednesday, while rapping rights abuses from China to Darfur and Russia to the Middle East.

The gap between Muslims and non-Muslims notably deepened, fueled by discriminatory counter-terrorism strategies in Western countries, warned the rights group in its annual report.

Human rights are also routinely flouted in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the front line of the US-led crackdown on international extremism since the September 11, 2001 attacks which triggered a profound geopolitical shift.

It indeed is dividing the world into the camps of those that are willing to defend themselves and those who will not.

AI also appears to forget that GWOT isn't their father's war. The enemy wants us dead in many cases and nothing else. They aren't signatories of the Geneva conventions, they don't recognize human rights other than those that they have. But, the US is the evil country because they wish to defend themselves and their way of life and help others to be free.

AI misses the point of this war. They attacked us and continue to attack us. Human rights are nice for those who will play by rules. Terrorists don't. Think of it as you're going into a boxing match. AI says the US must wear Boxing Gloves and can't change even when the opponent pulls out a knife.

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