Thursday, May 17, 2007

Changes to NICs and Further Evidence that the Gun-Controllers are Clueless

Reading things like this really makes one wonder.
In February, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) reintroduced the legislation, which she first proposed in 2002. It has been referred to the Judiciary Committee’s Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security subcommittee. A spokesman was optimistic that the bill would have support this session.

In the upper chamber, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) plans to sponsor the bill, which is likely to be sent to the Judiciary Committee.

“As the Virginia Tech massacre showed, the troubling reality is that it is just too easy for those adjudicated mentally ill to purchase guns, and we’re not doing enough about it,” Schumer said in a statement yesterday.
Nice try Chuckles, but anyone with a clue understands that the problem was that the law requires those who have been involuntarily adjudicated by the court for mental illness to be disqualified. The VT case was a voluntary case. Like usual, instead of pointing out that the legislation has vague portions, and in many cases, just plain poor reasoning, shows that the lawmakers involved aren't doing the right things. I don't expect that the present legislation will be much better. Considering that these are the same lawmakers who seem incapable of reading legislation before voting gives one pause.

Then there is the foolishness of banning sales to those on the terrorism "watch list."
Bill backed by Lautenberg and Bush is a common-sense measure that should become law.

It's not every day that decidedly liberal U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-Cliffside Park, and President Bush are in agreement. But when it comes to what should be a no-brainer of an issue -- blocking suspected terrorists from legally purchasing guns in this country -- the two are in agreement. We hope other lawmakers join them and get Lautenberg's legislation passed over the shortsighted, don't-give-an-inch objections of the National Rifle Association.

The current federal law governing who can purchase guns bars felons, illegal aliens and those convicted a domestic abuse misdemeanor, among others, from buying a gun.

Surprisingly, however, people on the federal terrorist watch list can legally buy a gun in this country.

That's just flat out dumb.

Another clueless remark from a group of fools. The terrorist watch list is a travesty in responsible law enforcement. This list has no vetting, no way of checking whether you're on it or how to get off of it if you should find your name on it. Teddy Kennedy was on the list for a while, but though he is a bloated imbecile, it doesn't mean he's a terrorist. Security professionals, like Schneier have repeatedly pointed out why this list is such a poor idea. As in this case where he reports of babies being on the list. Or his discussion of 30,000 people being mistakenly placed on the list. But according to this learned commenter, we should be using that as a vetting method for firearms purchases.

This is even better:
In the post-9/11 world in which we live, the Bush administration has taken many steps, including listening to phone conversations from suspected terrorists here, that, while perhaps constricting to civil liberties, are meant to protect us.
So is he saying that phone tapping known or suspected terrorists calls into this country is the same thing as denying citizens the right to self defense because some idiot put their name on a list? Would those improperly placed on the list ever get that right back? Probably not, since being disqualified in a NICs check is a felony, and the watch list is a closed entity, there is no way of clearing yourself of the felony of applying for a gun purchase while disqualified.

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