Tuesday, February 06, 2007

War Budget Waste

It's one thing to increase the size of the military, and another to buy a bunch of junk that doesn't meet any of the needs for upgrading the military to the 21st century.
President Bush's defense budget for 2008 includes money to begin construction of the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier in Newport News and funds another Virginia-class submarine.

The war-time spending plan also enlarges the size of a stretched Army and Marine Corps facing repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, while giving troops an average pay increase of 3 percent.

The Air Force would get another 20 F-22A Raptors, the new stealth fighter jet that is flown at Langley Air Force Base. And the Pentagon would buy 12 Joint Strike Fighters - the supersonic, radar-evading, multimission fighter jet that has become the world's costliest warplane program.
Does the Navy really need another fast attack submarine or another aircraft carrier? As for the F-22A, wouldn't the Air Force be better served by holding off and getting more of the next generation aircraft since the F-22A is a stop-gap between the present aircraft and the F-35?

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