Thursday, February 08, 2007

Democrat's Hearing in Support of Democrat Law Firm

See any of the footage of this "hearing?" This is pathetic. This article cuts to the chase with quoting the letter sent by a "Democratic" law firm calling for a hearing of a "Republican" company. If this isn't ethically challenged, I don't know any other way to describe it.
Mr. Waxman said he agreed that it would be inappropriate for his committee to aid a private lawsuit, but said accusations that Blackwater underequipped workers and possibly overcharged the U.S. government warranted congressional inquiry.

"We need to ask questions even if a lawsuit is pending," he said. "I've been working on this issue for years, and it is time we get some answers."

Daniel J. Callahan, a California lawyer representing the families, sent a Dec. 13 letter to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, who subsequently became House speaker, requesting a hearing on Blackwater, which the letter described as an "extremely Republican" company.

"We look forward to the New Direction of America, and to your dedication to putting an end to the fleecing of the American Taxpayers and death to its citizens in the name of war profiteers such as Blackwater," Mr. Callahan said in the letter.

Mr. Issa produced a copy of the letter at the hearing and entered it into the record. He also noted that the North Carolina lawyer in the case is David Kirby, former law partner of Democratic presidential candidate and former senator John Edwards.

Assertions that political connections spurred the hearing are "absolutely absurd," said Marc P. Miles, a lawyer with Mr. Callahan's firm.

"The hearings are not driven by the lawsuit, but instead by the desire of the families to find the truth," he said.
There may truly be a need for an investigation, but what was going on in this committee had nothing to do with misappropriations of funds or any process that this committee has oversight of. But, of course, Waxman stabs to the emotional basis of his lack of logic.
Mr. Waxman, California Democrat and chairman of the committee, said the grieving family members showed that "the impacts of contracting waste go beyond just dollars and cents."
With all the emotional, and completely irrelevant, testimony by the women who are suing Blackwater, you'd think that more would be holding their nose at this activity. Another perfect example of the politicians bringing political pressure on a subject that should be decided in the courts.

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