Friday, August 31, 2007

So Much for Tort Reform

Got the link from Bruce.

This is just scary. I realize that tort reform isn't something the Dems will ever consider, let alone politicians in general, but this is like putting all lawyers on the public dole.

What am I referring too? Well the House Energy Bill of course.
Among the myriad problems with the House bill for example, is that it allows anyone 'harmed' by global warming to bring suit against any federal agency that fails to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as required in the legislation. Plaintiffs are specifically authorized to recover $1.5 million, and to be compensated for legal fees win or lose, as long as the court determines it to be 'appropriate.'
Here is a congressman's reaction.
Mr. Chairman, this piece of legislation is a license for an unlimited amount of suits against the government by the extreme environmental groups. In fact, this bill pays a $75,000 bounty on top of unlimited legal fees to anyone who sues the government even if, in fact, that suit is based on this body's failure to act. Yes. Lawyers will be telling us, by suing us, that we must do more, and there will be no controls. They can sue in all 92 locations around the country. They can sue for any reason. We will have to pay the bill. When they lose, too bad. When they win, they get paid for taking from us not only 100 percent of their legal fees but $75,000 on top of that.

This is a license for America to be held hostage by the trial lawyers. It was deliberate. It was slipped through the committee. They said it was going to be fixed. In fact, nothing has been fixed; and we have been prevented from having an amendment on the House floor. This is undemocratic, and the Democrats know it.

That's Darrel Issa of California. A Republican. Could this actually be a fiscally responsible politician, and from California?

Who ever wrote that bit of legislation should be removed from office. Maybe their just putting ludicrous sections into the bill as bargaining points so they can try and get through something slightly less stupid. I don't know, but this makes me completely convinced that the Dems have completely lost sight of reality. If they think the US publics displeasure with Bush's handling of Iraq will give them a pass on this level of stupidity, they may want to think again.

This also makes one realize that there are some people who really don't give a damn about controlling spending. How these people live in this world is beyond me.

From Bruce:
Sometimes, I wish these weasly little fuckers would just introduce in Congress the "Complete Dissolution of America Act of 2007". It's time that quit beating around the bush, already, so we can settle this shit once and for all.
I'm there.

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