Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Cop-Killer" Guns Going to Mexico

No shock, this is from the Boston Globe. And they get the facts wrong, again.
Particularly worrisome are US sales of Belgian-made FN-57 pistols. These fire bullets that "will defeat most body armor in military service around the world today," according to the Remtek weapons site on the Internet. They sell for $800 to $1,000 each at dozens of gun stores within a day's drive of the border.

The weapons were unheard of in Mexico until they were used to kill at least a half-dozen police officers this year.

Among them were Mexico City policemen Felix Perez and Jose Rodriguez, slain in May when a car full of suspected mobsters fired FN-57s whose bullets sliced right through the officers' body armor.
Not sure why they think the FN-57 is the culprit. The gun isn't any more dangerous than any other gun that fires ammunition specifically made to pass through "bullet-proof" vests. You can't by that type of ammunition for any gun in the US. It is illegal here. But anyone can make the ammunition for just about any handgun that will penetrate a "bullet-proof" vest. If the story is accurate, they had ammunition that can't be bought in the US and thus had to have been manufactured. The delivery system (the FN-57) in effect is irrelevant.

But in full disclosure, why would the Boston Globe bother to actually point out all of the facts?

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