Monday, August 13, 2007

Bullet-Proof Backpacks

Got this from Schneier. I take it he's being sarcastic when he states:

We've seen calls for transparent backpacks. Here's a call for bulletproof backpacks, which -- I presume -- go hand in hand with bulletproof textbooks.

With this kind of thinking, we'll have the school shooting problem licked in no time!

Here's a quote from the article.
It's time for parents to make the annual trek to get back to school items, which usually includes jeans, jerseys and a few notebooks.

NewsCenter 5's Pam Cross reported Thursday that a couple of North Shore men want parents to consider something else -- a bulletproof backpack.

"They have them with them on the floor, on their laps, on the bus. They always have a backpack," said Joe Curran, of My Child's Pack.
"If the kid has a backpack next to them, or under the desk, they can pick it up, the straps act as a handle and it becomes a shield," Curran said.
Yeah, that'll work. I guess if you use it right it may mitigate some risk, but more likely than not you'll just make yourself a more obvious target.
"I want to keep my kid safe. I don't care what you do -- if you want to fight the good fight or fix the world's hurts, I can't help you, but my kids are going to be safe because of these backpacks," Curran said.
Hmm. I'm thinking the text books I used to carry would be just as effective and cost less.

Well, whatever you're willing to buy someone is willing to sell.

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