Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Second Amendment Literalists Winning

Interesting article from NRO by Ramesh Ponnuru. I have to say I don't like how he phrases things.
But Bloomberg, the media, and the gun-control groups have lost the fight. In July, the House appropriations committee voted 40–26 to keep the Tiahrt amendment — rejecting both a proposal to eliminate it and a compromise. Thirteen Democrats voted for the amendment. The Senate appropriations committee voted to keep it, too, with five Democratic senators on the winning side.

Bloomberg is wrong: The Democrats are not “in charge” of Congress, at least when it comes to guns — the National Rifle Association is.
Sorry, this is rhetorical BS. The Gun Rights Voters are the ones in charge. The NRA is merely one of their mechanisms. This gibbering again postures the NRA as a large evil lobby rather than the lobby of 4 million citizens.


Anonymous said...

The NRA does a lot of good. It's a shame the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and other 2nd Amendment rights organizations are always fighting each other as well as the Brady Bunch. Right now the Georgia Sports Shooting Association is furious with the NRA because the NRA intervened to attach a bill on carrying guns in cars by non concealed carry permit holders, which was going to pass, to one that failed here in Georgia. I guess it's inevitable when people are involved that there will be disputes.

Granted said...

I think it's funny how the NRA is seen as the bogeyman when GOA & others are much more strident. I guess it's just the size of NRA that makes them scary. Truth is, if they disappeared tomorrow, the GOA would have 4 million members and then things would indeed be wild.