Friday, June 08, 2007

Russian Missile Defense Shield Proposal

This made me say Wow. This actually sounds reasonable and from what I can see the proposed country is a better placement for the radar installations for the earliest warning possible.
Russian President Vladimir V. Putin proposed Thursday that an existing missile defense radar system in Azerbaijan be used to protect Europe from a possible attack by Iran, and President Bush said the United States and Russia would begin talks to find areas of potential strategic cooperation.

The surprise proposal from Putin, and the reaction from Bush and other American officials, suggested that the two leaders were seeking ways to step back from their heightening confrontation over a U.S. plan to deploy a missile defense network in Poland and the Czech Republic. Prior to Putin's proposal, U.S. officials had been preparing for a confrontational meeting with the Russian president.

Bush did not immediately accept Putin's offer but said that his Russian counterpart had "made some interesting suggestions." Bush's national security advisor, Stephen J. Hadley, characterized Putin's idea as "bold" and "interesting."
Location Location Location.

There would still be questions about stability and security for the US facilities there and what would be allowed for a backup system in case Azerbaijan followed the path that so many of its regional counterparts have taken in the anti-US sentiment.

Let's hope that level heads run this thing, because having the Russia with us on this type of thing would be telling to the rest of the world.

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