Thursday, June 14, 2007

FedEx Sucks

No link, just comment. And yes, I've been really busy so posting is limited.

Why does anyone use FedEx for home delivery? I made an order and missed that their default delivery method is FedEx. I personally am not home during the day to sign for the package in person, and their pick up hours are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Those are hours that if I can't be home to sign, I certainly can't get there for a pickup.

So that means I have to go on Saturday and find their well hidden facility. They don't have directions on their website to it. They leave them in a message on your answering machine. Nice.

Must remember never to use FedEx.

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Anonymous said...

Neither Fedex or UPS can get up the trail to my house because I live on top of a mountain and the trail is basically for four wheel drive.
So they come along the dirt road at the bottom of the mountain, and when they reach my gate, they put my stuff in a plastic bag and tie it to the gate.
If, as happens once in awhile, I need to sign for something, they leave my package at a small engine repair shop (the only business out in this part of the county) and my gun club buddy who runs it signs for me and keeps it for me. Maybe you have a friend who has a business nearby and could get your driver to do that for you.