Sunday, June 24, 2007

Moore's Moronic Proposal

What a surprise. And the Dems are scurrying about trying to figure out where to stand. Well, at least their thinking about it. Too bad that bloated piece of crap Moore is the catalyst.
Rejecting Moore's prescription on healthcare could alienate liberal activists, who will play a big role in choosing the party's next standard-bearer. However, his proposal — wiping out private health insurance and replacing it with a massive federal program — could be political poison with the larger electorate.

At a special screening in Washington this week, politicians, lobbyists, media pooh-bahs and policy junkies flocked to see Moore's film. And its slashing demand for action on an issue that voters care deeply about, and Democrats hope to capitalize on, generated plenty of buzz. Moore hopes that, after its general release June 29, "Sicko" will exert significant influence on the presidential campaign.
I'm thinking the thought of putting all healthcare under the government is asking for failure. Depending on the government that has screwed up medicare and social security for healthcare is just foolishness.

Sadly, I find it improbable that this will end in a reasonable debate.

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