Friday, June 08, 2007

Million Mom March Propaganda Control

Ravenwood posted this and it is pretty nauseating. You can go to his site to find the Youtube links for the actual recordings.
The tax-exempt Million Mom March (NoVa chapter) scheduled a public meeting at a public place, but when people showed up with video cameras they asked them to sign releases saying they wouldn't show the video to anyone. When one cameraman refused to sign away his First Amendment rights, the Million Mom Marchers became mean-spirited, belligerent, and cancelled their meeting so that they could hold it in private.

VCDL's Philip VanCleave notes how they played the victim:

"We have been threatened by them [gun owners] so many times. And abused and badgered by them so many times that it is nothing to us." [Threatened and abused? Oh, please. Laughed at, yes. - PVC]

"Can (we take turns) standing in front of the camera? I mean legally we can do that."

"We apologize for him [the gun owner who wouldn't sign the MMM's agreement]."

"He can't help it. His penis size is too small."

"Permission to call him an asshole?"

I first thought they were making fun of the MMM speaker, then I watched the video and found out they are actually being nice.

Go and watch.

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