Friday, April 03, 2009

Ward "Eichmann" Churchill Gets the Dollar

Good thing I wasn't on that jury.
A jury found on Thursday that the University of Colorado had wrongfully dismissed a professor who drew national attention for an essay in which he called some victims of the Sept. 11 attacks “little Eichmanns.”

Ward Churchill, who was a tenured professor at the University of Colorado, left, walked with his lead attorney David Lane out of the courtroom after a jury ruled that he was wrongly fired by school administrators, on Thursday.

But the jury, which deliberated for a day and a half, awarded only $1 in damages to the former professor, Ward L. Churchill, a tenured faculty member at the university’s campus in Boulder since 1991 who was chairman of the ethnic studies department.

The jurors found that Mr. Churchill’s political views had been a “substantial or motivating” factor in his dismissal, and that the university had not shown that he would have been dismissed anyway.

“This is a great victory for the First Amendment, and for academic freedom,” said his lawyer, David A. Lane.
Couldn't disagree more.

I really hope they don't give him his job back. Maybe he can get a hand from Ayers.


mackmarine said...

Ward Churchill: A jury of likeminded peers has now confirmed it. You can dig up a coprolite, put sunglasses, an ugly gray wig, and clothes on it, give it a job, even paint it. But it’s still a rigid, unyielding, unsightly, and worthless piece of coprolite.

BobG said...

"I really hope they don't give him his job back. Maybe he can get a hand from Ayers."

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the Obama administration hired him as some sort of "expert".