Friday, April 03, 2009

In Need of an International Diplomacy Charm School

Go to the link first and look at the pictures.

The Obamateur probably thinks this is just ducky. Personally, I find it nauseating. Just seeing the picture of him kowtowing to the King of Saudi Arabia is repulsive. Doesn't he get that bowing is recognition of their superiority? Bet that won't be fanned around the Ismalonutcase propaganda machines. He's the President of the Freaking United States. You don't Bow to ANYONE!

Mark Steyn:
So let me see if I understand American protocol in the age of Obama: The First Lady hugs Queen Elizabeth as if she's some granny at a seniors' center photo-op, but the President of this republic prostrates himself before King Abdullah as if he's a subject of the Saudi pseudo-Crown.

This is a very weird presidency. But something tells me Abdullah won't be getting the discount DVD pack of Psycho and :Lawrence Of Arabia.

It's not just a weird presidency, its one occupied by someone who is making George Bush look like a senior diplomat.

I wonder where that iPod was made? No doubt he couldn't find a nice bit of American Art or something else truly indicative of America to give as a gift.

Who let this dolt drive?

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