Thursday, March 19, 2009

Posse Comitatus

Heard this briefly mentioned on Glen Beck's Show. I've read the explanation, but still find it baffling.
The mystery over who ordered U.S. Army forces to patrol the streets of the south Alabama town where 11 people were killed in a shooting spree last week has been solved. WND confirmed troops from nearby Ft. Rucker provided limited assistance after a request from the police chief of Samson, Ala.

Multiple news agencies reported the Army was launching an investigation into why the troops were sent to the town, a possible violation of the law. The Associated Press reported uncertainty over who requested the assistance, noting it didn't come from Republican Gov. Bob Riley or the White House.

"Under the authority of a mutual aid agreement which Fort Rutgers has with local law enforcement community in Samson, Alabama, the Samson city police chief requested support from military police after the shooting," Lt. Col. Almarah Belk, an Air Force officer working for the Department of Defense press office, told WND in a telephone interview.
So if your local police chief has a "mutual aid agreement" with the local military, they can violate Posse Comitatus. Fascinating.

I've heard that there are something like 26 exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. Wiki only lists a few. It doesn't mention anything about mutual aid agreements.

This should be a bit frightening for anyone. Bush tried to get a change to PC after Katrina, and Biden did something similar after the Oklahoma federal building bombing. Both very bad ideas.

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