Thursday, March 26, 2009

Especially Astute Point

Got this in an email from the GeekWyphe. Its from NRO.
Jonah; I have never seen this point made: all of Europe, which has nationalized health care already, is also experiencing the current economic crisis. Why does Obama believe that bringing national health care here will in any way save us a similar economic crisis in the future? He keeps repeating that only if we get health care costs under control will we have “real” prosperity, but the countries that have already “tackled” this problem in the past were not spared their own economic meltdowns.
I've argued with co-workers that the health-care issue is a non-sequitur in the debate over the economy. Energy is as well. This pretty much points out just how irrelevant health-care is to the present debate. It should remain a topic of debate on its own and needs some action, but to argue that it will be part of the repairs to the economic system of this country is beyond reason.

Let's not forget that health-care is an economy onto itself. It has huge numbers of jobs, companies and impact on the rest of the economy. If you tamper with it now, when the economy is weak, and you screw it up, you put another nail in coffin of recovery. I'm also not arguing that it isn't an issue for businesses to be paying for this expensive healthcare, but like most problems you don't try and repair multiple parts when you don't know which is the actual problem. In this case, healthc-care isn't the issue, it's the banking/finiancial system that is torpedoing.

Unfortunately, Obamateur and his "brain trust" (to use FDR's phrase for the academics who he pulled into fix the Great Depression, and failed) are in fact pulling the same tactics that FDR and his cronies did during the Great Depression. First play with the money and not solve anything, then tax the evil rich, then start to acquire constitutionally questionable powers, and while doing all that ram through legislation on all sorts of "reform" to the progressive standards. FDR failed to get us out of a depression, and the Obamateur is heading in the same direction.

Every time I hear the Obamateur soliloquize about fiscal responsibility I wince. He just doesn't appear to understand what that means.

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