Friday, August 29, 2008

Per Algore: Barry = Lincoln

This is quite humorous. And not unexpected for the usual nebulous attachment of progressives with history.
Gore also compared Obama to Abraham Lincoln, saying that "before he entered the White House, Abraham Lincoln’s experience in elective office consisted of eight years in his state legislature in Springfield, Ill., and one term in Congress –- during which he showed the courage and wisdom to oppose the invasion of another country, that was popular when it started, but later condemned by history.
Now, why did Lincoln oppose the Mexican-American War? Oh, that's right, I'll tell you what Algore was referring to since he seems to have left that little detail out. The answer is that the opposition was because they felt that the inclusion of Texas and the other territories would be a means for the Slavery supporting states to increase their populations and thus voting roles in support of slavery. (Go to Wiki if you doubt me.) That was a admirable stand. The end result wasn't what they feared though, was it.

I also don't agree with the contention that the Mexican-American war was condemned by history. There are good points on both sides of the argument, but the end result was the US got a very large amount of property and a better defined border in an area that was claimed by Mexico, but never actually under their control. In the context of the times, that was pretty much how it worked. Disagree? You might actually want to look at how colonization during that period worked.

Also, Lincoln's opposition actually mattered, since he was in congress and voted against it. Barry was just making noise where it had no effect.


Skeptic said...

Algore - I like it.

I came up with a name for him - around 2000 election - that I have not seen.


Nylarthotep said...

Oh. I like that. AlGorithm can be taken a lot of places.