Thursday, August 28, 2008

Party of Whiners

I must admit, I've listened to some of the tripe that the speakers DemCon and I usually get quickly fed up with the whining. They do preach hope, but they all seem to seem to think that they are the down-trodden masses. I went to read VDH this AM and found he puts this in better perspective than I have.(Probably because I get nauseated by the whole thing and would rather not dwell on my loathing of the type.)
Let us hope that the Republicans avoid the teary-eyed, drippy stories that almost all these Democratic speakers insist on inflicting on us: in this Oprah world, one would think that there is mass starvation, depression, and general mayhem. In every introduction, we hear that the speaker to come was poor, deprived, and a multifaceted victim. Not since reading the Attic Orators has one heard how horrible life has been to such heroic figures, who nonetheless somehow ended up in such a cruel country with big salaries, enormous homes, and influential jobs.
I doubt the Repugs will avoid it, but then, they probably will not have nearly the level of victimhood on display that the Dems have.

Read the rest of Hanson's observations. I pretty much view his views as center/center-right. And please note, that is based on how elections have shown the political bases in the past few presedential elections. Just my opinion.

Well, the DemCon commercial will be over shortly. I plan to NOT see the Obama speech. I don't think I could stand that level of nausea.

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geekwife said...

We were on vacation and having too much fun to worry about being in front of TV to see the Obamessiah speak, but I'm not sure I would have watched it anyway. I have ODS and alternate between rage and nausea when I listen to him these days. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I thought he didn't have a chance at winning.