Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democrat's National Convention

I suppose this really says all you really need to know about those protesting at the Dems convention.

I suppose if they were civilized or even moderately intelligent they would have just ignored Fox News Reporter, but instead they show just how moronic they really are.

I don't know what Griff Jenkins was doing, but he obviously ended up on the wrong end of the protest. Personally, I'd think he'd hire the biggest and meanest looking camera men that he could find to go into such scenarios.

You can also note how little the police did. Makes you wonder how far they would have let that go before they actually stepped in.

UPDATE: Looks like he may have been trying talk to Ward ChickenShit Churchill. No footage of the actual interaction with that piece of crap, but the footage there pretty much sums up why I can't stand the far left.

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