Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Third Grade Thugs

A bit frightening:
Nine third grade students suspended at Center Elementary in Waycross for an alleged plot to attack their teacher.

"This plot was uncovered at the point that something dangerous was brought to the school," says Lt. Dwayne Caswell with Waycross Police.

Police say the students were hatching a plan to harm their teacher Friday morning. They even brought items from home to carry out the plan.

"They had a broken steak knife, a crystal paper weight, toy handcuffs, several items and tape and stuff," says Lt. Caswell.

Early Tuesday, the Waycross Police Department released photos of some of those items. They include the knife, handcuffs, and gloves.

Ware County School officials say a classmate told the principal about one of the students bringing a weapon to school. The discovery was later made that more students were in on the plot. The school says it’s a matter they are not taking lightly.

"Some might say 'They were young and in the third grade and how serious could it be?', but anytime our students' safety or our teachers' safety is compromised we obviously have to take that very seriously," says Theresa Martin with Ware County Schools.
I suppose if I were the teacher I'd be taking this quite seriously.

I'm going to blame this all on the liberalization of schools. Obviously that trend hasn't made schools any safer. Not that I have any further proof of a relationship, but it feels right.

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