Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bloomberg's Walmart Standard

This is pathetic. And it makes you wonder what Walmart gained in doing this. (Maybe trying to get a store in NY City finally?)
Mayor Bloomberg's national anti-gun campaign won a big victory at Wal-Mart on Monday - and inserted itself into the presidential race with a new TV ad.

Surrounded by Republican and Democratic mayors from dozens of cities, Bloomberg announced that Wal-Mart, the country's biggest gun seller, will put tight new controls on firearms sales - including videotaping every purchase - to keep them out of the hands of criminals.

"This partnership has the potential to set a new standard for gun dealers across the country," Bloomberg said. "We want customers and police officers to ask, does this dealer follow the Wal-Mart standard? And if not, why not?"
Why not? Because it isn't required by law and in fact I wouldn't buy from them for just these reasons. Video taping a legal purchaser is questionable at best for privacy reasons. The police have no say in whether a dealer uses the legal standard or some trumped up BS. The written law is all that is required and if they don't like it, well tough.

Of course Bloomjerk it trying to move the topic into the presidential campaign. Good for him. Since the topic is your typical loser for Dems, it will do them more damage than good. Like anyone believes Obama or Clinton are supporters of second amendment rights or even sportsman's right.

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