Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Job Descriptions

No link, reality.

I was sent the following job description by a headhunter. They seem to think that this is a reasonable description of a QA job. The problem I have is that this is so vague that frankly I have no idea what they expect.

Senior QA Engineers

Summary: Senior QA Engineers are responsible for the development and execution of test plans including functional and system testing for our product line. Successful candidates will have QA experience working in both Windows and Linux environments and with networks dealing with LANs and WANs.

Role and Responsibilities:
Develop and execute test plans for a single component or a suite of components.
Work independently and closely with other QA Engineers to identify, isolate, and verify open issues during the QA test cycle.
Provide accurate descriptions of issues found and issues resolved using bug tracking software.
Set up a network within a test lab environment including configuring and connecting NIC cards, routers, switches, bridges, and hubs.

5 + years experience
Experience working in a Linux environment
Knowledge of TCP/IP networks
Experience with appliance-based products
Strong test plan experience
System test experience including kernel, stress, and performance testing
Excellent communications skills
Now when I consider a job and the interview, I want to know what they want the candidate to actually do. This is so vague that its like sending a job description saying they're looking for someone that is familiar with airplanes and airports. (TCP/IP is a plane - routers, switches etc are airports.) So who should interview for that position? A pilot or a luggage handler?

Am I missing something? Is this the new way to find workers?

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