Monday, July 23, 2007

Feingold Wants President Censured

Well, you can't pass any resolution to get impeachment, can't get a resolution to defund the war, can't get a resolution to stop the war, I suppose all he's got left, except for the incipient whining is to call for censure. What a piece of crap.
The Senator from Wisconsin then laid out his two part basis for censure. “One, on their getting us into the war of Iraq—in Iraq and their failure to adequately prepare our military and the misleading statements that have continued throughout the war in Iraq. And the second, on this administration’s outrageous attack on the rule of law, all the way from the illegal terrorist surveillance program to their attitude about torture, which we heard a little bit about today on this show. This administration has assaulted the Constitution. We need to have on the historical record some kind of indication that what has happened here is, in the words of Director McConnell, as you just quoted him, disastrous. Somehow we have to address that. And I think it’s a good time to begin that process.”
What a pin-head. If any of that had grounding in reality they would have had at least some grounds for impeachment. I love that he thinks they need something more for the historical record. Not that his wailing about the war hasn't been recorded sufficiently.

As to disastrous, Feingold may want to unplug his head from his ass and actually look at historical perspective on all wars, not just insurgencies like the one we are presently involved in. They all have bad spells and most start off on the wrong foot.

You have to wonder if any politician has ever actually read a bit of history.


bluesunday said...

I agree that for the "historical record" is poor justification for pursuing even censor legislation against Bush and Cheney. But what else can you expect? Are there any senators out there openly in support of impeachment proceedings against Bushco? Congressman John Conyers needs only two more representatives to come out and support H.R. 333 for impeachment proceedings to begin! So cut Feingold some slack. At least he's doing something!

Nylarthotep said...

Cut him some slack? The guys an imbecile. He's making political hay without any actual basis for his action other than partisan bullshit.

Oh, and Conyers as just as much of an imbecile as Feingold.

How about actually having some evidence of wrong doing rather than constant screeching that something wrong was done.

If the Dems had any real evidence against Bush they would have unleashed it long ago.