Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Surge Success

Looks like the surge has caught up to some of the car bombers.
US forces say they have captured the leaders of a major car bomb cell responsible for attacks which have killed around 900 Iraqis.

The military said the two men were caught during operations in Adhamiya, a mainly Sunni Arab area in northern Baghdad, last week.

Two statements released by the military estimated that, since November, the car bombs from their group had killed approximately 900 Iraqi citizens and wounded another 1,950.

The first of the two suspects was captured when US forces noticed his vehicle weaving in and out of traffic and his driver ignored signals to stop.

The second was detained later after forces received information that led them to stop a passing vehicle, the statement added.

Let's hope this is highly disruptive to the insurgency. They have continued to strike with car bombs, which is more disruptive than other types of attacks. It also is a terrorist action primarily aimed at the non-combatant population in Baghdad.

Makes you wonder if Harry Reid has noticed the change in tactics yet.

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