Friday, April 02, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I honestly can't tell from his delivery if he's trying to be funny, but if he is, he really needs to work on his delivery.

On April 1, anything suspiciously bizarre or interesting is to be taken with a shaker full of salt. Still, a recent comment from (D-GA) has many wondering if he's misguided on gravity and geography or just a very gifted deadpan comedian.

At a March 25 meeting of the Armed Services Committee, of which Rep. Johnson is a member, the esteemed congressman had an interesting discussion with Robert Willard, commander of the United States Pacific fleet. The topic: Guam. Specifically, how an influx of Marines and their families may cause the tiny island to "tip over and capsize."

I guess I'd disagree with the gifted adjective. Gifted would be if he were doing this comedy line in say a comedy venue and not in a congressional committee meeting. This is just foolish.

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