Friday, April 02, 2010


I guess I have to agree with everything in this article. I'm glad the tea party goers have learned to video everything as many times as possible. This makes the MSM look foolish in a massive way, and the commentators like Olberman look more foolish than ever.
In composing it, I checked with my source on the scene, Greg Farrell, to get a timeline on the passage of the Black Caucus members from the Cannon Building to the Capitol and back. According to Farrell, they left the Cannon Building about 2:30 PM on March 20th and returned about 3:15 PM. He had no reason to exaggerate.

I asked because at 4:51 that same day, McClatchy reporter William Douglas posted an article on the McClatchy website with the inflammatory headline, "Tea party protesters scream 'nigger' at black congressman."
Go watch the video and any others if that one isn't good enough for you.

Hopefully the tea partiers will all carry video and when anyone tries to stop them filming, everyone will start to film. It will keep the police honest, and will prove as this does that not only is the MSM pushing an agenda, but they are openly lying to the public.

No doubt many of the MSM are seeing those little video recorders and youtube as being double-plus-ungood.

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