Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Blogs Get Popular

Bill Whittle:
Which brings me to the point: if the news professionals did their job the way we were told they would do their job — namely cover the facts without bias (including selection bias) and not deign to illuminate us with their superior moral sense — then there would be no need for Joe, or J.D., or Mike, or me, or Pajamas Media, or any of that.

This all relates to Joe the Plumber being in Israel reporting on the Gaza action. I don't believe Joe is claiming to be a journalist, but the pin-heads in the MSM and their Comedian brethren are all in a tizzy over it none the less. I love this comment from Mr. Whittle:
Joe stated that he did not think reporters should be allowed on the front lines to cover conflicts. This generated a lot of heat: some from the left, whose elitist disdain for Joe was best captured by John Stewart, sneering at him for his lapses in professionalism as he reminded all of us that a career being the primary news source for an entire generation of voters cannot be entrusted to a rank amateur like some common plumber, but must instead be vouchsafed to a person with a far nobler and serious and weighty background … a career in stand-up comedy, say.
Since John Stewart wants to comment on these actions and hide behind being a comedian, then he can be a big boy and stand up to the responses like that.

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