Thursday, January 08, 2009

More Hands Out for a Bail Out

I suppose I don't find this any more disturbing than the auto bailout. Probably this industry doesn't need a bailout though. I'm guessing their profits will always be there.
Seems everyone is lining up for a government handout, but in the case of the porn industry, you may wonder where the hands have been.

TMZ is reporting that Hustler's Larry Flynt and "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis are asking for a $5 billion federal bailout of adult entertainment because "the economy has made America's appetite for sex go limp."

The Web site claims adult DVD sales are down 22 percent in a year, numbers which are sure to deflate expectations at this weekend's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

I have to say I hate Larry Flynt. He's almost as big of a scum bag as the auto industry CEOs or those from the banking industry.

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