Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bill Whittle's Latest at E3

He put it up on Tuesday. A short essay talking about what/where he wants to go with the blog and the problem with Ejectia.

I do want to write a new essay at E3; the situation in Iraq is improving, and I have long wanted to discuss The Most Important Person You Have Never Heard Of: a fellow named John Boyd. I mean to take a look not at strategy but adaptability.
If you're not a moderate military geek you'll not know that Boyd is the guy who outlined the OODA loop concept of strategy. (That's Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action) I'd really like to see Bill's thoughts on all of this. I really hope he does a piece on this soon as it's all very interesting to me.

He does discuss the Ejectia stumbling.
So while I am sure by this point it comes as a surprise to no one but myself, I have reluctantly put aside any hope of building Ejectia until my financial status changes dramatically, at which point I will no longer care about what it costs. After all of the work we have put into this, I believe in my heart it will eventually come to pass, but I can not spend any more time or money on it right now.
A final word: I have heard that there are a few people who have all along predicted that Ejectia would come to nothing. Well, first of all, time will tell. But more importantly, let me just say simply this to all those who defended and promoted it (and me): that failure and success are the consequences of vision and the willingness to act on a belief. Sometime the extent of our failures is a metric of the extent of our dreams and our passion. To those small-minded, small-hearted people who can never see beyond failure and who derive nourishment from pessimism and setback, I would simply say that this is not the place for you. Not this country, and certainly not this blog.

There are endless small holes where cynicism and untrammeled pessimism are the coin of the realm, where mastery of snark and bile are held in high esteem. Go find one of those places.

Hmmm. I suppose I fit that last bit. Probably comes from reading the news a lot and just not seeing things getting better. All the more reason I read Bill's stuff, because it at least is hopeful and intelligent, which is something I don't believe exists in the MSM.

Well, go read for yourself.

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