Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Establishment Dumping

Looks like the message is getting louder. Now, will the morons in the Republican party start listening. I'd ask the same question of the Dems, but they truly don't have a clue and don't seem to want one.
In quick succession Tuesday night, the jittery inhabitants of Washington's marble halls found three more reasons to worry about their staying power. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, the Senate's patron saint of resilience, was turned out in a Democratic primary in favor of an unwanted rival, Representative Joe Sestak, who had neither major union support nor White House support. In Arkansas, Senator Blanche Lincoln, a model of southern Democratic moderation, was forced into a primary runoff by a self-styled outsider, Bill Halter, challenging from her left. And in Kentucky, the Washington establishment's chosen Republican Senate candidate, Trey Grayson, fell to the son of a libertarian outlier who carried the flag of another party. "I have a message, a message from the Tea Party, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: We've come to take our government back," declared Rand Paul, son of Representative and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, upon winning by a double-digit margin.
Makes me wonder if Arlen has figured out that it isn't about the public being irritated by grid lock in Washington. If they had grid lock they'd probably wouldn't be ousting some of these guys. Specter shot himself in the foot when he changed parties and his constituents are making him pay.

Apparently Time thinks that the Dems continued control of the Murtha seat is a win for Obama. I read the description they themselves lay out and I don't see it.
This anti-incumbent mood pervades both parties, leaving open the possibility that the same wave that brought Obama into office in 2008 will undo his governing majorities in 2010. The one bright spot for Obama was a special election Tuesday night in Pennsylvania's 12th district, where Democrats held on to a seat in a conservative district previously held by John Murtha, the big spending defense appropriator who died earlier this year. The seat was won by Mark Critz, a pro-life, pro-gun former Murtha staffer who opposes health care reform and overcame significant Republican spending. The victory demonstrated that Democrats still have hope for making Congressional races local, not national, affairs in the fall.

Hmm. A conservative Dem who is against health care reform doesn't exactly sound like a Obama supporter. Of course we'll all get to see how he votes and the next election will see if he stays. Of course, voting Critz in doesn't mean they'll get getting all those juicy military contracts at the levels they are used to, but that won't have any effect on the "local" level of races.

Tea Partiers are having a big effect, and if that isn't obvious to the establishment, then they will be removed. Can't be any worse than what Washington has been for the past 20 years.