Friday, August 12, 2011

Post Office Follies

The postal unions have layoff protections. WTF!? How in the hell do you run a business....Oh yeah.

Of course the unions are all against losing their collective bargaining benefit (not a right). And they seem to be upset that the postal service wants to be actually solvent. No surprises there.

I'd say the should cut back to 3 delivery days a week with weekend service centers. They can spread the delivery personnel to multiple routes spread to different days and keep them full time while reducing overall personnel required. Processing facilities would still require a higher level of manning, but that would even see reductions.

Insurance cuts/realignments would be wise, especially if they believe they can do it. Retirement funds would be the same, though you can't get around funding retirements in real time. No ponzi schemes with someone's benefits.

A little message to the unions, Welcome to the world the rest of us live in.


Elani said...

Unions do have their purposes. Sometimes they do make people lazy, and the workers no longer feel the need to work, but look at all the safety mechanisms organized labor has put into place over the years. There is good and bad.

Nylarthotep said...

Public unions have NO place in government period. The only thing they manage to do is systematize political corruption and drive up costs.

Private sector unions could prove their value in right-to-work states where a person isn't required to join the union to get a job. In all other cases the requirement to join a union to work is extortion for both the employer and the employee.

The unions could prove their value by collecting their own dues and actually competing with non-union companies. But of course, they won't do that because they know for the majority of jobs they would fail catastrophically.

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