Friday, August 27, 2010

Media Morons

Ah, the elitist pricks of the press, having failed to convince conservative knuckle draggers of their superior intellect and the divinity of the One have now gone to the methods of calling us stupid. No real surprises here. Seeing that they expect to lose sufficient control of congress to get it back to at least being under control by grid lock the punditry come out and tell anyone not on the band wagon what exceptional morons they are.

Read Hindraker's analysis. He does a fine job of bleeding the idiot with his own evidence. I won't link to Egan's moronic petulance. No need to help out a paper that I wouldn't wipe my ass with.

Then there is the old reporting method of speculating who is the criminal with no evidence. Another one of those making up the facts as you go. The Daily Caller has this one in hand. I suppose it is a blog after all, but I guess he should expect to get a lot of ugly responses if you want to stick your finger in the eye of a very large group of people. This does tread into that realm where I don't like blogs. You have to pull this turd out as being a jokester who can't take the heat when people don't find him funny.

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