Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Good Bye Helen, We Won't be Missing You

The Hag Harpy of the POTUS news room has shuffled her way to the edge of the roof, stumbled and fell off. No doubt she intended to continue her anti-Semitic rants except for the little issue of her opening her mouth and proving she was an idiot.

From Mark Steyn:
The departure in ignominy of Helen Thomas has been commented on below, and I don't have much to add, except how pathetic is this?

The Hearst website is temporarily down, thanks to the traffic hitting the site.

Helen Thomas was an unreadable and unread columnist, and the only time she generates so much traffic that it crashes the site is the announcement that her career's self-destructed. That tells you a lot about American newspapering right there. Good thing two columnists didn't say something dumb or the site could have been out for weeks.
A guy with a flip camera just took out one of the most storied names in American journalism. Presumably US newspaper managements have been assured by Obama, Pelosi, Frank et al that that bailout's a-comin' any day now. The alternative is that they're inept timeserving mediocrities too dullwitted even to know they're going over the falls.
I love my flip camera. I love the existence of them. It allows people to prove that things actually happened and that idiots really did say stupid things. Oh and for the Liberals out there, it lets people prove things didn't happen, you know like all those racist tea-partiers screaming nigger at black congressmen.

Well I'm glad she's gone. Her incoherent rants during press conferences was something that was tolerated for far too long.

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