Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Corrupt Politicians

Bruce linked this at No Looking Backwards.

Read the details. These scumbags no doubt will have a long and successful career in politics.

  1. Chris Dodd (second year on the list)
  2. John Ensign
  3. Barney Frank
  4. Timothy Geithner
  5. Eric Holder
  6. Roland Burris/Jesse Jackson, Jr.
  7. Barack Obama (third year on the list if you ignore dishonorable mention)
  8. Nancy Pelosi (third year on the list)
  9. John Murtha (dishonorable mention a couple of times)
  10. Charles Rangel (second year on the list)
I wonder how Reid, Conyers and Feinstein got off the list. Or maybe this list has gotten that much scummier. I guess Hillary finally got off the list because she's an appointee now and not an official political scumbag.

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