Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama's Vote

Now you tell me, is this report on Barry in Iraq accurate or just willfully distorting the truth? One paragraph should be all that's needed.
The Illinois senator, who voted against the March 2003 war to topple Saddam Hussein, is in Iraq at a time when violence has fallen to a four-year low -- partly on the back of the controversial troop "surge" which he had strongly opposed.
Now where exactly did he make that vote? He wasn't in the senate, so how did he make that vote?

According the wiki page on him he didn't start his tenure until January 4, 2005.

Good ole fact checking at the AFP.

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geekwife said...

Truly stunning.

Of course, since he is the second coming, it's conceivable that he turned back the space-time continuum to allow him to vote once he was elected, as a way of showing the far-left how truly anti-war he is.

OTOH, is the Obamessiah claiming he voted against it? Or does he merely say he opposed the war, and the AFP extrapolated incorrectly?