Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who is Playing the Race Card?

This apparently started on that piece of crap Daily Kos. No link, because I find them excessively offensive. But the Wonkette covers it and I don't feel like taking a hazmat shower after reading her.
Did you know this new Clinton ad proves algebraically that Hillary Clinton is a racist? Neither did we, until we read the liberal Internet this morning! One of those insightful cinematography experts at Daily Kos noticed that Obama appears to be even blacker than usual in Clinton's new ad. Is that even possible? Nothing is impossible when BILLARY DOWNHILLARY HITLERY ROD-SHAM CLINTON's 60-year-old plan to win the Democratic nomination is at stake, the blogs say.
Personally I'm not convinced. First, if they got caught the blow back would be extreme. Second, She may be slimy, but she isn't that stupid. (Though whoever made the film may have been.)

So isn't this an Obama supporter trumpeting racism?

I wonder if anyone has looked at other adds for Obama and whether they change the "darkness" of Obama.

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