Saturday, February 09, 2008

Voting in Depth

Let's just start with the fact that I can't stand any of the standing presidential candidates, and any of the third party candidates that have been mentioned by the MSM are worse.

Sadly that leads to the discussion of McCain. Maverick he may indeed be, but mostly a maverick jack-ass. And sadly, he's likely going to get my vote. The link above has a discussion where Bill Whittle has made a point that I find quite powerful.

I would point out that this “let them screw up the country so we can win next time” theory was loudly bandied about in 2006. How’d that work out for us?

We lost the House and the Senate, and we have stayed in Iraq and seen the benefit of the Surge only because we had a President who said he would veto any withdrawal legislation.

Now, many of you are calling for the same strategy again. The result will be to have all three branches of government (yes — especially the Judiciary) go hard left. Forgive me if I do not see the sense in this.

When I hear this argument, I think of this: Grandma smokes in bed, and we’ve told her a hundred times not to do it. So now, to make sure she gets the point on how serious we are, we’re going to stand there and let the bed burn. To teach her a lesson. Hey, know what? Let’s let the whole house burn down! That will REALLY send her a message. I have an even better idea: Let’s let the grandkids burn to death too, because if anything will get her attention, that’s it.

We’ve lost 4,500 soldiers fighting in Iraq. If you think I am going to sit back and let Hillary or Obama cut and run, and have those brave men and women die in vain, simply because I don’t like John McCain (and I most emphatically do not like John McCain), then you have another think coming.

This is a very cogent argument. It clearly takes into account the fact that this is not the time to "punish" the Rethugs because with both houses of congress in the hands of the Dems and likely to be moving to even greater majorities, such action would end with devastating changes in government that would doom the country in ways that would be unrecoverable. Libertarians and Republicans will end up being the prolonged losers.

Like your free market capitalism? Like the ability to defend yourself? You don't honestly think that HillBilly or Obama wouldn't damage both of those hugely do you? (I don't know if Whittle coined "HillBilly" but that is hilarious.)

How much are you willing to be taxed to pay for socialized medicine? (And then have to live with the rationing of services.) How much benefit to the economy will there be when HillBilly is done with redistributing wealth?

How long before the return to police policies round terrorism end up with the US paying with lives for limp wristed foreign policies? I'm sure Obama's policy of talking to our enemies will help stop terrorist activities world wide. Precipitous withdrawal from Iraq won't be declared a major victory by the jihadis. No doubt all those poor poor Moslems in GITMO will get fair justice when they are given the constitutional rights of a US citizen. And no doubt the destruction of the intelligence community won't continue from where Slick-Willy left off.

Think hard. This is the country of many liberals, but it is our country as well. If you have any inclination of balance or even moderation, you need to see where a Democratic presidential win would lead us.

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geekwife said...

Absolutely right. There is far too much at stake to vote (or not) out of petulance or "lesson-teaching." We must be clear and rational on the possible effects of each choice. And no matter how much of a jackass or a non-conservative McCain is, he's still a lot better than the other two hard-left choices.