Friday, January 11, 2008

Stupid California

I love days when news with similar themes come my way.

Get this, Califonians are stupid. Ok that's no real surprise if you look at how their government treats them. First something from the geekWife.
The other big losers would be the overall level of achievement demanded in California public elementary and high schools. A recent study by the left-leaning Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at UCLA, the "California Educational Opportunity Report 2007," finds that "California lags behind most other states in providing fundamental learning conditions as well as in student outcomes." In 2005 California ranked 48th among states in the percentage of high-school kids who attend college. Only Mississippi and Arizona rated worse.
Nice. I bet if they keep working at it they can lower the intelligence average of the US all by themselves.

And this from Ravenwood's Universe by way of SayUncle:
The state of California has plans for you and your family. According to a proposed new rule, the state would mandate all new construction have a thermostat that the state can operate in emergencies.

The rule, set to be adopted January 30th, doesn’t give you a choice. It's mandatory. In a section on "Programmable Communicating Thermostats" found on page 64 of this document, it states:

"Upon receiving an emergency signal, the PCT (your thermostat) shall respond to commands contained in the emergency signal, including changing the setpoint by any number of degrees or to a specific temperature setpoint. The PCT shall not allow customer changes to thermostat settings during emergency events."

Consumer advocates say the utilities have let the rule be proposed and have not opposed it and it could actually be adopted.

Emphasis is original.

Wonder what they plan next. Remote control of your car? Remote control of the wobbly bits?

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BobG said...

I remember back in the late sixties reading that 80% of the California high school graduates at that time had difficulty reading an average newspaper.
Guess things haven't changed much in the past 30+ years.